When your offering is puny {a 31 days post}

When your

One day, Jesus asked me to give him one of my most precious things: my time.

He wanted me to give it without looking at the clock, without any agenda, and without any clear end point. He asked me to be inefficient for the sake of love.

I really wish I could say I was a cheerful giver. I wish I had offered myself without reserve, cleared the calendar, and welcomed the interruption as an invitation to be close to Jesus, doing something He loves. Instead, I grumbled. I looked wistfully at my to-do list, knowing that a yes to this meant many boxes left unchecked. I sighed deeply.

Of course I would do it. But the giving felt less like an offering, and more like paying taxes.

Meanwhile, I hated the miser in me, and my offering felt small because of the smallness of my heart. I wondered if my sour attitude would make the time useless, the giving worthless.

As I thought about this, I remembered a story.

Far away from Texas there was once a little boy who packed a lunch. It was small, but so was he. Several miles from his house, he saw a crowd so massive it would dwarf a state fair. Curious, he wormed his way through the men and women until suddenly, there was a man bending down to his eye level. “Little boy”, the man said, “Will you give me your lunch?”

The story doesn’t say whether the little boy was happy to give it, only that the lunch was puny and poor. But when he gave it, Jesus blessed it, and the entire crowd ate it until they were full.

Friend, if your love feels small, stunted, and poor, offer it anyway.

If your time feels rushed, devalued and inefficient, offer it anyway.

If your talents feel weak, overlooked and unappreciated, offer them anyway.

If your heart feels hard, brittle and resentful, offer it anyway–to Jesus.

He will exchange your weakness for His strength. He will multiply your little and make it more than enough.

By his one offering on the cross he has made perfect forever those who are still being perfected. If you are in Christ, this is you. Your glaring lack has already been erased and replaced by the grace poured out on you.

His offering is sufficient, so ours doesn’t have to be.

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