Three years ago this day

Last night you nuzzled close to my face in bed and we looked at each other in the dark.

“Three years!” you whispered. “That’s crazy!”

And it is. But if this is crazy, well Sweetheart, I’ve decided I like crazy.

On that day three years ago, I was nervous and excited and my cheeks hurt from smiling but I just couldn’t stop the grin that bubbled up and took over my face. I was declaring to the whole world that you were the man I wanted to follow as you follow Jesus. I was becoming yours, promising my heart and all my years until I die.

We only learn the magnitude of a promise when we live it.

I don’t need the pictures to remember how your face trembled with emotion when I rounded that corner at the end of the aisle. The way our hands gripped each other and your eyes glowed as Ray said “husband and wife”.

It was the first of all the moments following, but we’ve had even better ones since then.

I remember how we danced our feet sore and you did that crazy backflip that freaked out the mother you’d just waltzed. I remember how I blushed when you reached up for the garter.

Now you backflip for the neighborhood kids.

Three years ago this day I could not have known how I would love you now.
Or how your voice inflections would become mine.
How your allergies would create a new level of health for us both.
How I could love a second family so intensely.
How the curve of your arm and side could become home to me.

I love you, Darling. Like crazy.

*I started this post on Wednesday, our real anniversary, but had such a fun date that night that there was no chance to post until now. 🙂

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