The Case of the Missing Mailbox

 Who on earth would want to steal a mailbox?

This is what hubby and I have been wondering, ever since our mailbox disappeared almost six weeks ago.
And we’re not talking about a little hump-backed classic with a red flag and a wooden post. Oh, no. This honker is a huge metal contraption with a honeycomb of mailboxes that serves nearly 20 families on our street.

It all started one night in October when I came home from the gym to find a police car flashing blue and red in front of our house. The policeman was inspecting a huge dent in our poor mailbox, which was lying flat on its back.
“Looks like y’all had a hit-n’run” he said. “No witnesses, so I really don’t have anything to write up.”
Two days later, it disappeared. We assumed the post office had collected its damaged property, but when the hubs went to pick up our mail, a postal worker informed us that some scalawag had stolen it!

The vacant spot where our mailbox once stood

Again, who would steal a mailbox, especially one so huge? Isn’t that a federal offense? Is this some new level of thrill-theft, like stealing street signs?
Until they decide to lug another one out to our street and install it, we are braving the Christmas lines once a week to pick up our mail.
This whole saga is making me appreciate postal workers so much more than I ever have before!

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