The Call {a 31 Days post}

 The Call

I had never before encountered someone so fascinated with the phone.  I remember sitting in my closet, shifting the bulky grey handheld to my other ear and trying not to sigh too deeply.

She would call, and I would cringe, knowing that there would be long awkward pauses and I would frantically wrack my brain to find a topic—a question—anything to break the awful silence. What on earth was one supposed to talk about on the phone?

Even without the cord, I felt trapped. I had no idea how to politely end it without feeling like I’d slammed the phone version of a door in her face. And that was not a kind thing to do. Not at all. So I would sit in the closet, fiddling with the shoes while I desperately tried to ask questions which would lead to real conversation instead of two-word answers.

Thus began my deep-seated disdain for the telephone.  I developed a habit of writing piles of letters instead, (and I’m fairly certain my parents had a budget category specifically for stamps), but the phone I despised.

At least, I thought I hated the phone.

Now, years later, I think what I really hated was the lop-sided nature of the thing. I sensed—but could not articulate—that both conversation and friendship ought to be a balanced give and take. I felt crushed under the pressure of carrying the whole thing, and decided I hated telephones.

Poor little phone, taking all the blame.

As a side note, I now realize that the friend on the other end of the line was giving in the best way she knew: by calling. Perhaps those pauses scared her too. But she continued to bravely push past the awkwardness and pick up the phone.

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