Siamo in Italia!

We are in Italy! As I type, the halls of Hotel Ornato are ringing with the thumps and thuds of an entire boy’s footbol team. Their coaches are singing and drinking in the patio below our window, so sleep would be impossible even if I hadn’t imbibed three cafes today…which I did. Those fancy little shot glasses of caffeine are incredibly delizioso and addictive.

But I’m glad; this is my first real chance to give an update since we arrived foggy-headed, stinky, and stiff on Monday!
Already, I am full of stories. Already, I want to move here permanently. (Kidding, kidding! …sort of?) 
Already, my heart is aching again because so many of my new friends have no idea how deeply they are loved by God.
But stories will have to wait! Tonight I simply want to share some photos with captions to give you a little taste of the past three days. 
We rode the Christmas-light van to the airport… (still not exactly sure why those were there?)

The sunrise somewhere over the UK was *almost* worth having only two hours of sleep. Gorgeous!
Foggy London town wasn’t so foggy, which gave us a beautiful view of close-set neighborhoods and fields as we flew into Heathrow Airport. 
The soda can I bought in London proudly proclaimed their commitment to never adding “NASTIES” to their product. What a relief!
We had a crystalline view of the Swiss Alps on our way to Milan–what a treat! For the next hour, I couldn’t keep songs from The Sound of Music out of my head. 
Thankfully, the Italian landscape is much warmer than the Alps.
We were dead-tired, but of course, we couldn’t sleep without visiting the gelateria for some delicious gelato. Yummy!
And this was the team on campus yesterday after the first successful English Club meeting. We were so thankful that God gave us the use of classrooms on campus for free this year.
And I’m posting my first update a little sooner than I did last year! *pats self on back*
I am so deeply thankful for everyone who helped us come again to this beautiful city. 
Seriously, ya’ll are amazing. 
God is amazing. 
I am amazed that He chooses to use us. 
Can’t wait to see how the next week and a half will pan out! Please take a minute right now to pray for our team; God is not limited by thousands of miles! 

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