My least favorite part of any mission trip has always been the goodbye. You pray, prepare, go, serve and love with all your heart–and then the moment comes when you leave, taking only photos and a certain but far-away hope that you’ll see them again in Heaven.

But this year is different! This year will be the first time that I get to return, making last year’s goodbyes simply see-you-laters.

Lord willing, in three short weeks hubby and I will once again be walking the streets of Milan.

I can’t wait to hug our friends who live there and serve year-round.
I can’t wait to drink a real cappuccino at breakfast.
I can’t wait to see how the little church, Il Refugio, has grown.
I can’t wait to spend long hours at pizzerias, discussing life, Jesus, and our cultural quirks with students.
I can’t wait to pick up the strands of friendships we began to weave last year.

The returning will be dolce–sweet.

I haven’t been blogging about Italy, but many of you have heard through a letter, a Facebook update, or a phone call.

What you may not have heard is that this year’s support raising has been unusually difficult.

So many people have been generous, even sacrificial. Every gift that has come to our mailbox or to the online giving site has humbled is to the core (and sometimes made us jump around our living room like kids on a sugar high!)

But I’d be lying if I said that this process hasn’t tested my faith. It always does, but it’s been tough this year.

The conversations have gone something like this:

Me: Jesus, I know you’re not slow, but you sure aren’t following my schedule. The deadline is Thursday.

Jesus: Trust Me.

Me: Ok I do trust you. Help me trust. I know you can do even more than I ask.

Jesus: My ways are higher than yours, remember?

Me: I remember. Keep reminding me.

Because sometimes I need to return to what is, no matter the state of my emotions or my bank balance. His faithfulness is a constant, His love is forever.

And the return to those truths is always dolce.

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  1. Cherisy 🙂 i am excited for u and ur team. I will be praying for the trip. Enjoy it to the full!! Be blessed 😉
    -Maya Bass

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