Quench your curiosity! Q&A about my pregnancy

You may have already heard the happy news, but in case you were on a media fast or just haven’t seen us in a while, here it is: Hubby and I are expecting a baby!

Ever since we made our impending parenthood “Facebook official” in May, we’ve been blown away by the genuine love and excitement shown by all of  you. Even friends that we hadn’t heard from in years have reached out by phone or social media to offer congratulations, baby clothes, and helpful advice. It’s been wonderful to see how, even before birth, this kid is connecting us with people we love!

But as unique as each person is, it’s been interesting to see how many of you have the same questions for us. Not that we mind answering! (I mean, this is our kid–we could talk about it all day!) But since so many of you have asked me similar things, I thought it might be fun to satisfy your curiosity here in a blog post.

Quench your curiosity! 2

So here you go–answers to your burning questions about our pregnancy!


When are you due?

We are due November 7th. (Only 90 days to go! EEEEEEEE!)


What are you having?

Short answer: It’s a boy!

Longer answer: When I was 20 weeks along, we had a sweet, casual gender reveal party at the church office and opened a mystery box containing blue balloons. At least six different people urged us to seal the answer in an envelope and be surprised along with everyone else. But… that was impossible because we’d known the gender for almost a month! 

Finding out was sort of an accident. The day before we were going to leave for Italy, I had some worrying symptoms, and we rushed to the ER to make sure that our little aquanaut was okay. I remember the beautiful smile wrinkles on the sonogram technician’s face. He quickly put us at ease, and after determining all was well, started showing us our child’s face, legs, and spine. Suddenly, he said, “would you like to find out the gender?” I started to shake my head, but hubby’s face broke into a huge grin. “Heck yes!” he said. Even though it was excruciatingly difficult to hold in such a secret for four weeks, I will never forget the look on Jordan’s face as he turned to me in wonder and whispered, “I have a son!” Priceless.

This was our son's profile at 20 weeks. I just love his nose!
This was our son’s profile at 20 weeks. I just love his nose!

Have you picked a name yet?

Yes, but you’ll have to wait until he comes! #sorrynotsorry

What is your nursery theme?

Short answer: Travel/prayer/and the world

Longer answer: Ever since the movie “War Room” came out last year, we’ve talked about how cool it would be to have a quiet space in the house where we could pin up prayer requests and be reminded to pray. Later, as we brainstormed about the baby room, hubby said, “What if we made it a prayer room? We’ll be spending a lot of time in there…” We laughed, but we ended up loving the idea!

This is a montage picture that my sister compiled for me after I sent her some inspiration photos.

We plan to incorporate art and photos from mission trips, my eclectic suitcase collection for storage, and a chalkboard where we can write down needs that we’re praying about. If you have things you’d like us to pray for during those 2 am feedings, send them our way!

Have you had any weird food cravings?

I get this question a lot, and I kind of feel bad that I don’t have anything especially weird to share. I’m just hungry. All. The. Time. (Which is probably why I wrote this post last week about the gluten free recipes we love. Food is on the brain!)

Oh, I did crave sauteed spinach every night the week before I found out I was anemic during the first trimester. Since spinach is one of those iron-packed super veggies, this has convinced me that there may be something to the theory that our bodies crave what we need.

Do you plan to work after the baby comes?

Because hubby’s work schedule is fairly flexible (yay, college ministry!), the current plan is for me to return to work part-time after my maternity leave ends around the beginning of February. My personality thrives on structure, and I think having a small hourly time commitment to a job outside the house will be good. Of course, much depends on the rest of this pregnancy and the health of our son, but this is the plan for now.

Did I forget your question? Put it in the comments below! 

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