Photons, and a safe place for my flurried soul

There is this wonderful sentence near the end of my Bible. It’s dense and heady and rich like eggnog, and I’ve been sipping slowly, savoring each phrase ever since Easter.

In our team devotional time, we were challenged to ruminate on the words of God, let them soak into us deeply, digest them and re-digest them until they saturate us, become part of us.

Our leader actually coined a word–part Italian, part American silliness–to describe the process: “moo-care”. (moo-KAH-reh) It’s from “mangiare”, the Italian word meaning “to eat”, and “moo”, as in, well, a cow.
Eat, chew, digest.

Not a lovely image, but accurate. So here is the verse I’ve been “moo-care-ing” on for about a month.

“The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being…”

In 7th grade science, I learned about light. The photons that bounce off of objects into my eyes are what allow me to see the color and shape of anything I look at. You could say that those photons are the exact representation of whatever I see.

Without the radiance of light, the world would be dark, formless, mysterious.
Before the Radiance of God’s glory in Christ, God was a mystery.

But we have seen him.

He is knowable.

“…sustaining all things by his powerful word.”

God doesn’t haphazardly breathe life, get wheels turning, and then turn His back.

He sustains all things. He continually breathes life into this universe, holds laws of physics in place so that electrons rotate at orbit and water drips downward and the earth stays tilted just so.

He sustains all things. The everything included in that tiny phrase of power spells safety and security to my flurried soul. Sand slips through fingers and things slip from my mind like so much sand, but nothing escapes his power and love.

All my crazy running-out-the-door moments.
All the am-I-enough wonderings.
All of me, sustained. Upheld. Plucked from darkness as many times as I return to it. Imbued with life not my own.

By the same powerful Word that once created life from nothing, He now sustains ours.
That Word was with God at the beginning,
And was God,
And now intercedes for you to God as He sits, victorious.

Me and my lovely teammates at dinner on Tuesday! 

Exciting things are happening here in Milan, y’all! I’ll post another update tonight with lots of pictures.
(Today’s post is based on Hebrews 1:3a)

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