On our way to Italy again!

The New York skyline is just barely visible past the forest of airplane fins jutting into the sky, and our team is sitting excitedly as we wait to board our second flight. We’re finally on our way to Italy!

It’s been a marathon of a week. Several people on our team (including my own hubby) are still sleep-deprived from final exams. Two of the girls actually graduated from Texas A&M this weekend (whoop!), and I worked two of the graduation ceremonies as a marshal because of my job in the graduate studies office. But we definitely feel that God is sustaining us and answering the prayers of our support team! Keep on praying!

One wonderful answer to prayer is that we did NOT have to wake up at an insane hour and drive to the airport this morning. The parents of one of the girls on the team generously hosted our whole troop last night, fed us delicious homemade meals, and drove us to the airport this morning before church. Thank you, Mrs. Spachek, for mothering us all on Mother’s Day! 
A second answer to prayer came this afternoon during our layover when another teammate discovered that her debit card was missing. This particular friend is planning to stay the entire summer in Milan for an internship with the church plant team, so the loss of her card was not a small thing. We started praying while she and my hubby went to retrace her steps. God answered! Some wonderful honest person turned the card in to the lost and found desk and we all felt so relieved.

A few things to pray for:

  • Continued safety as we fly to Milan tonight
  • The safe arrival of all luggage, and that we don’t lose any more important items! 🙂
  • Good health. Because so many on our team are tired, we’re praying for protection against sickness and headaches. 
  • Opportunities to talk about Jesus with people on the flight 
Enjoy a few pictures from today! I will update y’all soon from Milan once we arrive. 
The first flight from Houston
Waiting in the Newark airport during our 5-hr layover
Newark, NJ
Paul taught us now to play spades!

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