October baby

Because of a long tradition that began back in our early dating days, Monday night is date night at our house. (Hey, it sure beats fighting the Friday-Saturday crowds, and lots of places have specials!)

This Monday, we finally went to see October Baby at the old theater down the road. 
I cried. 
Admittedly, I am known for becoming…invested in the characters on the screen. I will involuntarily leave my clinging nail marks in hubby’s hand when things are tense, or have to leave the room when the embarrassment felt by the character is too much to take. (Hence my love-hate relationship with The Office.)

But I’m not usually teary-eyed. Freaked out, yes; snotty-nosed, no. 

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here is a brief, non-spoiler-containing synopsis:
Hannah Lawson is a beautiful young college student who suddenly collapses during the opening scenes of her first college-level theatre performance. All medical tests point to one common denominator: her difficult and premature birth. 
After Hannah discovers that she is the adopted survivor of a failed abortion, she sets out to discover the truth about her past. 

Check out more reviews and this official trailer from the Dove Foundation

After seeing Fireproof and other similar movies produced by Christian organizations, I honestly wasn’t expecting very high quality, either in the acting or in the filming. But October Baby was a pleasant surprise! I’m no expert, but the camera work felt professional, tender, and intimate. I found myself powerfully drawn into the emotion of the story by the authenticity of the characters. 
I think that the aspect I most appreciated was that, while it does deal honestly with the painful fallout of abortion, it never vilifies the young women who chose to end their pregnancies. Instead, the movie leaves you full of compassion for those faced with that difficult choice. 
And on that note…do NOT leave the movie before the credits have finished. 🙂

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