Love in San Antonio

Last month, my love and I stole away from everyday life to celebrate our 3-year anniversary in San Antonio. We were a month or so late, but who cares, right? What a fun, exciting city! 
Each summer since we married in 2011, we’ve tried our best to set aside a little money so we can step out of our normal routine and go celebrate each other. We know it may not be possible every year to actually leave town, but we’re making the most of it while we can! 
This year, we were excited to stumble across a Groupon deal for a hotel within walking distance of the Riverwalk.
Even though I’ve lived in TX all my life, it was my first-ever time to visit the Alamo. (I know, you’re probably thinking I’m the worst Texan ever…but better late than never!) 
Because of its prominence in TX history textbooks and movies, I think I expected the building itself to be bigger. The portion pictured above was actually one of the smaller parts of the low, single-storied compound. Admission to the grounds was free, but we quickly realized that our knowledge of the site and the battle fought there was pretty pathetic. Trying to figure out the story from the signs and displays was overwhelming, so…
we bought a set of audio tours! 
 Seriously, it was the best $10 we spent on the whole trip. 
We also bought a sno cone–and the experience of buying it next to the Alamo–for the low price of $4.
It was delicious. 
A roaming mariachi band kept popping up at different points throughout the day, offering their music to families lunching outside. Finally, I asked one of the band members if I could take his picture. 
Nice tie, senor. 
We walked miles of sun-dappled narrow sidewalks lined with river on the left and restaurant tables on the right. 
The walk was beautiful, but it finally wore us out. We found a steakhouse and plopped our tired selves into the barstools–the only seating available. 
The large group in the back appeared to be celebrating a birthday. A woman was trying to give a speech, but we could tell that she was having a hard time making herself heard. The restaurant staff found a microphone for her, and suddenly we were part of the audience. 
Her husband was celebrating his retirement from the military after a long career. We lingered over the end of our meal to enjoy the stories of a man we didn’t know. 
We left feeling romantic, thinking about growing old together like the couple we’d seen. We are still only at the start of this beautiful journey. 

We heard jazz music and followed it to an Italian cafe for dessert. We had coffee and tiramisu and conversation with a Hawaiian bartender named Rodger who ended up making the tiramisu complementary when he heard why we were in town. 
The jazz music was live, and the singer decided we needed a song to call “our song”. 
He sang “What are you doing with the rest of your life?” while we danced between the tables. 

Still sometimes can’t believe that we’re grown and married and can do grownup things like rent a hotel in a beautiful city and explore it together.

And guess where our church’s next church plan team is going? UT San Antonio! I had no idea while we were there, but now that I know, I am super excited! I can already imagine the team having homegroup hangouts on the Riverwalk, talking with passerby about Jesus, and enjoying the fun music scene.

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