Less than two months away!

The excitement has been slowly building in my heart since January, when our letters were signed and sent. Part of me still can’t believe that we are actually returning to Milan! (Click here for last year’s post on returning…it’s still a true expression of how we feel to be going back!)

In case you’re new to the blog, or just need a reminder, here’s what’s going on:

Our church has linked arms in partnership with a tiny, brave church plant in Milan, Italy. Like us, they focus their ministry on the college students at a local university. Also like us, they are passionate about discipleship.

This was our team with the students last year on an excursion. Such a fun day! Hubby and I are front, left.  

Each year, we send a team of students to encourage and help this church by putting together fun, interactive English Clubs for the students of Bicocca University. The clubs provide a great setting to meet students and build relationships.

We love the fact that we stay for two full weeks! That second week gives time for trust to form and conversations to go beyond the surface.

For many young people in Italy’s post-Christian secularism, broken homes and shallow relationships are the norm. Knowing this, my husband and I have tried to text and Facebook our Italian friends throughout the year. Going back to the team and to our Italian friends–well, it’s a bit like a family reunion.

Even though support raising is far from complete, my heart is full to bursting right now with thanks for friends like you who give to make it possible for us to return!

By our returning we tell the Italian students that they are more than a two-week project. The returning lends weight, not only to the friendships, but also to the declaration that Jesus is just as real and alive and life-changing as the first time we told them.

Never underestimate the power of persistent love. My own heart is proof that it can soften, redeem, transform.

Will you help us return? Click here for Fellowship Church’s secure giving site.
**NOTE: please put “Castille Italy Mission” in the comment box before clicking “submit”. This helps your gift go to the right place.

Will you pray?
Mark the dates for our trip in your phone calendar! (May 11-25)

  • Pray for hearts to be open to the love of Jesus.
  • Pray for us to be humble.
  • Pray for courage and cultural sensitivity.
  • Pray for Frank, Pam, Stacy, and Debbie–the long-term missionaries in Milan.
  • Pray for every team member to reach their support goal by April 11.
  • Most of all, pray for God’s name to be famous and lifted high.


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