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It’s a fact of life–life can sometimes get crazy busy! We completely understand, trust me.

So if you haven’t had the chance to catch up on blogs or facebook in a while, the hubby and I thought we’d do a summary post to give our friends and family the highlights of our recent short term mission trip to Italy.

But since I’ve written a lot about Italy this year, I thought it’d be really fun to let you hear from the team leader himself!  So here it is–hubby’s very first guest post on my blog. 🙂


“God did more than we could ask or imagine this year in Italy! (Ephesians 3:20) Nine of us left to go and reach college students in Milan, Italy on May 11th.  We served the local students through English clubs to help them practice their English skills. We had over fifty students attending almost every day! As the team leader, I (Jordan) can tell you that a lot of hard work goes into making these two short weeks worthwhile for the Italians, but it’s a lot of fun.


As a team, we prayerfully made a goal before we left to share our testimonies and/or the gospel thirty times.  I lost count near the end of the trip after we shared over fifty times!  Also, two of the students put their faith in Christ!  For a two-week trip like this, being able to share as much as we did was not normal. We know that through your prayers and support, God did more than we asked!
It was awesome to see how our team was filled with boldness to share the gospel as well as their personal stories.  For some it was a challenge, but with God’s help they overcame their fears. As a result, many people heard for the first time about the forgiveness and grace of Jesus.”

Italy by the numbers:

31 new Facebook friends for Cherise alone
252 espressos consumed by the team (a conservative estimate)
39 total hours of travel
282 people supported this trip!
50+ gospel presentations
2 new followers of Jesus Christ

Of course, it’s not about tally marks. We humbly realize that God evaluates the success of a trip by a far different standard, so we don’t share these numbers with that heart.

It’s to say “look how BIG God is!”

We are brimming thankful.
Thankful for the chance to be part of God’s age-old plan of love for Italy and the world.
Thankful for the chance to tell our stories of God transforming us and rescuing us.
Thankful for the dozens of answered prayers for safety, health, unity, and relationships with Italian students.

We are also crazy thankful for YOU, our wonderful friends and family members! That fancy dinner out, that new thing-for-the-wall/car/yard that you decided to sacrifice so that you could help us return to Italy–thank you. We couldn’t have gone without you on our team.

Those minutes in the car when you thought of us and prayed for God to move–thank you. He did.

If you missed any of the awesome stories from the trip, here are all the links so you can catch up.

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