Italy: Written somewhere over Greenland…

Waiting for the plane in the Milano airport

The introvert inside me craves a week of quietness in which to wade through all my thoughts. Since I can’t have it, I really feel thankful for this long plane ride. We are following the sun, retrieving the hours we lost when we left two weeks ago, and the quietness is so welcome.

My thoughts, first of all, are thankful! So thankful. God answered so many prayers and carried our team through jetlag, cultural differences, discouragement, migraine headaches, and changing plans. No luggage was lost except for a suitcase full of gifts, and it was delivered painlessly to our hotel two days after arriving in Milan. We didn’t get food poisoning. Students from previous years came back. English clubs were a hit! And now Italy will never leave my heart.

The GPS on the plane, showing that we were over Louisiana!

While I look back over these two weeks in Italy, another part of me is already racing ahead to our apartment, making the re-packing lists so that we can leave in less than two short days for Summer Adventure Part II: Colorado!
Yes, this is a crazy summer. But I have such an awesome God. Even if I feel overwhelmed, I can relax because He’s got me in His arms.

Please take a moment and pray for:
1) The long-term missionary couple in Milan as they come back to the states for the summer and raise their support.
2) Helena, our new friend who decided to follow Jesus–that she would grow in her new relationship with God and get involved with other Christians in Milano.
3) ​For hubby and I to get over jet lag quickly and be super efficient on Monday, the “re-packing day”!
4) ​For a safe drive to Colorado on Tuesday.

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