Italy: Bellagio and second week

I recognize now that I was over-ambitious to think I could blog daily here in Italy. Scratch that: it was ridiculous. 
 Every morning we have only a short time to shower, eat breakfast and pray before team devotions. We take the rumbling, swaying tram to campus. There, we eat lunch with the students we’ve met, getting to know them and talking about spiritual things. 
With our stomachs full of pasta or kebab, we board the tram again, trying to brace ourselves for the sudden stops without looking like sumo wrestlers. At the second (larger) hotel, we spend two hours preparing for English Clubs. Students trickle in and shyly sit. We laugh, talk, explain, and teach for three hours, trying to move beyond the surface to the people. Afterward, many students accept our invitation to dinner, and it gives a great opportunity to build relationships and talk about life and about God. 
Fun times! But sooooo exhausting for this morning-person-girl. By the time we reach our hotel at night, all I can do is take our my contacts, breathe a prayer, and fall into bed.
But I want to give you all a few specifics before starting to bombard you with pictures from Colorado. 🙂 
Excursion to Bellagio
Bellagio on Lago di Como is, by far, the most beautiful place I have ever seen in Europe. The lake (Lago di Como) is cupped in the foothills of the Alps, surrounded by the red-tiled roofs we Americans always imagined when we thought of Italy. The town itself is pristine, without any trash or graffiti to mar the rose, yellow, and mustard-colored buildings.

On Saturday, thirty of us boarded a huge bus and spent the day together in this picturesque place, enjoying the beautiful scenery, the many cafes, and spontaneous games of Ninga (super fun…ask me to tell you about it if you don’t know this game!) As we walked, talked, and ate, meaningful conversations were happening on every side.

Poor hubby…he felt sick the entire day after that winding bus ride. The switch-back road down the mountains was so narrow at points that the bus had to back up and stopped up traffic in both directions! It made me wonder how he’ll fare on similar roads in Colorado.

Please pray for my new friends. My deep, deep desire is to show her–and the other students–love. But I need God to help me be a listener, a learner, and make my words culturally sensitive.

I have so much to learn about loving well. 

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  1. aww, I'm glad you're having a good time! i miss italy! i went with nicole and s.kessler and some others back in 2005~ please say hi to the meiburgers for me! and frank! enjoy your time!

  2. Hi, Dyanne! I never knew you were on this trip! I will definitely say hi to Frank for you, but since we're in Milan (not Torino), I've never even met the Meiburgers.

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