I like gardening on canvas too

It must have been Jesus’ idea, because it hasn’t crossed either of our minds until the moment before she said it:

“Would you wanna get together next weekend and paint?”

Ohhhhh girl, would I.

Painting is one of those elusive hobbies that never seems to materialize because I rely on the off-chance that I’ll I have nothing more pressing to do. Annnnnnnd we all know that in this life, there is ALWAYS something that feels more urgent than dabbling in paint, be it cooking, shopping, laundry, work, returning a phone call, a meeting…you get the idea…and I don’t even have kids yet!

But as a wise friend of mine recently blogged, “I’m too busy” is actually code for “Other things are higher on my priority list.” In other words, we make time for whatever we value more. Tough but true. (Go read her blog here!)

Painting simply doesn’t stack high on my priority list, which is why it had to piggyback on something that I DO fight to make priority: girl time with friends.

So we sat last Saturday night, yellow table and tea and tubes of paint between, and soaked in the sweetness of understanding that you find with a good friend. We worshiped to the sound of Meredith Andrews on Pandora, and Jesus was there, and the paint flowed.

I’m learning–slowly–to not drag a little bag of guilt into sweet times of rest like these. I’m sure some of you remember the book I mentioned last month?  I continue to chew on it, and it continues to challenge my ideas of simplicity, my motivations for busy-ness, and how I understand God’s attitude toward rest and stillness. I’ll have more about the book in another post, but the fact that I painted and enjoyed fully (sans guilt) is evidence to me that I’m learning how to rest!

Tomorrow night is the start of our women’s retreat that Fellowship Church, and I’m praying that it will truly be a time of deep surrender-rest for my heart and the hearts of all the other ladies there. If you would take 30 seconds and pray with me, that would be awesome!

(My painting is a copy of a painting I pinned on Pinterest, by Ginnette Callaway.)

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