Housemate :)

I have always wanted a home with a revolving door, like the one in my home growing up. It was a home where the table was large and well-used, where privacy was more like privilege than like constitutional right, and where fun took priority over fastidiousness. (Awesome word, look it up here)

Even during our engagement, we toyed with the thought of one day renting a bedroom in our home to a missionary on furlough or to anyone needing a short-term place to land for a while. In theory it would be an awesome situation, giving emotional and/or financial benefits to both parties.

This fall, we are getting an opportunity to put the theory to the test! A good friend needed a short-term place for the few months between the end of her lease and the start of her life with her new husband, which will begin in November. The fact that she is a close friend and has asked me to be in her wedding has only made the situation even sweeter.

Clearing out the front bedroom required some hefty consolidation since it had previously served as an office and catch-all storage room, but I have always believed in a good, periodic junk-purge. (Yay, Goodwill!)
Now it has been transformed into a friendly place with paintings on the wall and verses written on cards over the doorframe.

I love to chat with her in the evenings after work, discussing the things on our minds that have been waiting all day for a girlfriend with whom to share them. We are opposites in nearly every way, but, rather than conflicting, our differences complement, encourage, and sharpen.

The three of us feel like a family, especially when her fiance comes over and makes himself something to eat and then wrestles my husband in a grand tickle fight and we fold each other’s laundry and our mail comes in a single stack.

I will really (and I do mean REALLY) miss her after November 3rd.

So give me your thoughts! Would you and your spouse ever rent to a friend?

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