Happy things

My stomach is growling, but I wanted to share a few happy things before I go to dinner:

Happy thing #1: Kelsey is here!
I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this fact on my blog yet. She’s been here ever since two cars and a motorcycle made a spontaneous 19-hour road trip up from Texas to visit the LT-ers last week. They left after only two days, but she stayed, and our life has experienced an upsurge of laughter and hugs ever since!

For those of you who don’t know, this is the same Kelsey who will be our house-mate for about three months this coming fall. Our little family will be temporarily expanded, and we are excited! She is recently engaged, planning a November wedding, and it just didn’t make sense for her to renew a year-long lease in August.

Happy thing #2: Conversations over dishes
Yesterday morning, a combination of a broken tray-conveyor and a severe lack of diners meant that hubby and I were free to get to know some of the other employees in the kitchen during our Trash ‘n Tray shift.

There is Carla, a smiling, dark-skinned beauty from Jamaica who laughs even when our American jokes aren’t that funny to her. There is Valentina, a slender 21-year-old from Macedonia whose black hair falls playfully over her eyes when she looks up.

And there is Gerald*.

My conversation with Gerald broke my heart. He is well beyond fifty, and one of the friendliest and kindest managers at the Y. He is also a second-time divorcee, tired of religion, and the last few years have been hard. The recession dried up his carpentry business two years ago, and he lost the beautiful house he’d built in the mountains. He’s lonely, and the seasonal friends he makes in the kitchen seem to be his only company.

Please pray for him to understand that Jesus is the answer, the only friend who won’t leave, the one who calls him valuable even if he might feel like a failure.

Happy thing #3: Dabbling in Doodles
I haven’t sketched in AGES, but Colorado’s beauty is a great inspiration to dig out the art supplies. 🙂

Inspiration from the porch

In progress…
Completed sketch!

Happy thing #4: Weekend Plans
Ohhh, this weekend is going to be awesome and full of love!

On Saturday, hubby will fly to Oregon and have the privilege to stand next to our friend as he pledges his heart and loyalty to his sweetheart. This is a young man who decided to follow Jesus, was baptized, and grew in the Lord while in our homegroup two years ago, so it is very special that my hubby gets to be part of the wedding.

And then…I will pick him up from the airport and we will celebrate our own first year of marriage!  Wow, I can NOT believe that our first, sweet year has flown by so fast. June 18, 2011 was such an incredibly beautiful day, but I can honestly say that the love I felt for him then is pale and anemic compared to how I love him now.

We hope to find a hotel deal in Denver and then go exploring for a few days. 🙂

*Name changed for privacy purposes.

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