Five Minute Friday::Broken

A Christan radio station recently made an Easter comment that resonated with me. They said that Easter was about breaking: a broken world, a broken Body that redeemed us, and a broken curtain that used to separate us from a Holy God. (Ok, torn, but I guess that’s what we call broken fabric.)
I feel broken. In many ways I am a person who needs fixing, like a broken lamp, shattered by anger or careless mistakes. 
I am also emotionally broken when I see the brokenness it took to fix me. And right now, on the Saturday between sacrifice and victory, I feel a kinship with the heart-rending brokenness his followers must have felt as they sat, fearful, their dreams shattered the day after He died. 
They waited, broken. But isn’t waiting the thing to do in our brokenness? To wait on the One who heals?

Five Minute Friday
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