Five Minute Friday:: Together

Today I am linking up with Five Minute Friday, a writing exercise where you set a timer for five minutes and write on a specific topic until it chimes at you to lift your fingers from the keyboard. You can join in here!

This week’s prompt: TOGETHER

Alone is clean.

Alone is well-ordered.
Alone is never impinged-upon, infringed upon, or barged-in upon.
Alone is me, myself and I and my dreams and get out of my way because I’m the star of this show.
But alone is lonely. And God Himself said that a single person alone—even in paradise—was not a good deal.
The perfectly unified, triune community decided to replicate this one last aspect of Himself in man. He made a marriage, which made a family, which made a populace of others.
And these were not meant to be loners, these others. They must inter-marry and inter-depend and inter-weave their lives and stories. They must bow and submit to each other, honor each other, forgive each other, and a thousand other “each other” verbs that Jesus said and lived.
Broken as we are, together is hard.
Together is messy.
Together is toothpaste in the sink again and forgotten birthdays and hurt feelings and awkward Christmases and forgiveness again and again while we struggle against the urge to live as a hermit.

But together is what He asked for that night on His knees. And then he endured the alone to purchase community.

It was messy. It hurt. But He considered it worth it.


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  1. Wow. This is really powerful. Together is hard. So hard. Right now, on earth, it's so imperfect. I can't wait to be together in Heaven. So glad Jesus endured the alone so that we can be together. // stopping by from FMF. Blessings. xo

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