Five Minute Friday:: Filled to Pour Out

The sun is setting on the first half of the weekend, and I feel so thankful for the nearness of Jesus even in the craziness and emotion of this past week. 
My husband’s laptop screen forms a glowing A-shape with mine in the middle of our tiny coffeshop table. I’m so glad that he and I are both feeling better. He has been battling a bacterial infection for the past two months and is nearing the end of an intense round of antibiotics. Funny thing about antibiotics is that they can weaken your immunity. He caught a nasty cold, and then of course I caught it from him, but today we both seem to have more energy. Thank you, God! 

Aside from feeling sick physically, my heart has been sickened this week by the horrific images in the news. It is only now, after I have brought the gut-wrenching sorrow to the feet of Jesus, that I begin to feel some relief. 

Today I’m linking up with the Five Minute Friday crew again, but this time is special because it’s the FIRST time that the party is hosted by Kate Motaung. The concept is still the same: the hostess issues a one-word prompt late on Thursday night and we all free-write on that theme for five minutes. No editing, no over-thinking, and no perfectionizing. (Yes, I just invented that word.)
We all post our links here on her blog and leave some comment encouragement for the writer who posted before us. 


He fills my cup.

Jesus sat at a well and told a dry, man-weary woman that he would give her water that would never run dry. His water would become a living stream of water flowing from inside.

I love this part. My dryness is splashed over and my emptiness filled to satisfaction.

But like a long, hot shower, I can marinate in this overflow and forget that I am filled to pour out.

This week and last week and the week before, my eyes have filled at the news of an arid land dripping with the blood of families. When seven year olds are forced to wed, when fathers are made to watch their little ones slaughtered and their spouses taken, the world’s ragged thirst for the Healer is glaring from the screens of our computers.

We are to fill the cups of the thirsty, and Jesus promises that He will count it as a personal gift to Him.

We are to fill up in ourselves what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ, standing with and for our family, His Body.
And before and during and after each physical need and literal cup filled, we are to fill that beautiful basin in His presence with our prayers.

May they burn and rise as a sweet aroma day and night. 


If you haven’t had the chance to read much about the recent events in Iraq, here is an article written only two days ago that summarizes the intense persecution against Christians by the militant Islamic group, ISIS. 
If you want a reliable source of news about our persecuted family around the world, please visit Voice of the Martyrs and subscribe to their email newsletters. 
Read enough and want to do something practical?

To provide aid for families fleeing the violence, click here or here
To petition Congress to take notice of the plight of Iraqi Christians and allocate aid, click here
To move Heaven, let’s all get on our knees. 
“What is the price of two sparrows–one copper coin? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing about it.” –Matthew 10:28

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