Family is Always Worth It {a 31 Days post}


I am learning that family is always worth it—whatever it may be.

Last week we packed for a hurricane, left our small group before snacks had been served, and drove into the night. We rubbed sleep from our eyes as we walked through the airport the next morning.

It was her first flight!


After hastily swapping travel clothes for clean ones, we arrived breathless at the rehearsal dinner. All our stiffness melted away in those first cousin hugs, gangling arms and new beards and baby bumps notwithstanding.

FullSizeRender (2)

I tried not to completely lose it as pictures of his childhood flooded me with memories and leaked from my eyes.

The next morning, we donned jeans and boots to help carry and arrange and spread in a last flurry of making ready because we have slogged through the tiny details and piles of marked boxes at our own DIY weddings and we know.

FullSizeRender (1)

We stood witness to her face rounding that last corner, suddenly crinkling in a laugh at the sight of him—a straight line of sight to the one she loved, that cousin of mine who is really my brother.


We cheered as the wedding cake swung from the rafters, loaded with candy, finally stabbed with a broomstick to whoops and hollers and yelps of delight.


We grouped on the ground in a thumping circle of homemade drums, beating like the heartbeat of his jungle past.


We sung them out to the tune of Hot Dogs and Applesauce, buoyed by the joy of the day and the laughter of friends.


Presence is often the only present that matters, especially in moments like these.

These are the moments which count, and making counting the cost meaningless.

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Photo cred: Frankle Roberto, edits mine

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