Embracing Vulnerability {a 31 Days post}


Vulnerability is a difficult thing to practice. It may be even more difficult to pin down and define, since what may feel excruciatingly vulnerable to one person may feel surface-y and fake to another.

For example, you might get clammy at the prospect of telling your past, while someone else may fly into a panic if unexpected guests see an un-flushed toilet.

We all have our panic-points.

This is why, though many people might think of me as open (I mean, she writes all this stuff on the internet, for crying out loud!), I still struggle to embrace my weaknesses. It’s tough to expose the parts of myself that are wimpy or shameful or annoying.

It’s hard to admit that I can be hard to love.

Rather than pretending that I’ve learned the secrets of vulnerability (ha!), I want to instead introduce you to a video which recently got my gears turning on the subject.

I really appreciated the candor and insight of this TED Talk by Brene Brown. As a researcher, she studies human connection. In her funny, relatable, and thought-provoking talk, she shares how her research led her on a personal journey of self-discovery to embrace vulnerability.

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Photo cred: Patrick Chondon, (edits mine)

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