Compassion part 7: How to love a true fan

Imagine that you’re married, and imagine that your spouse is passionate about sports. (Some of you won’t have to imagine very hard.)

Your spouse watches every game and physically goes to every event possible. He memorizes details about all the players, even personal details that don’t relate to their performance. He adjusts his schedule around watching the games, adjusts his budget around supporting the team, and his entire mental concept of the year revolves more around what sport is currently playing than the temperature outside. Some would call him a “fan-atic”.

loving a true fan

If you are married to this fan, you probably knew from the moment you began dating him that it would be hard to get close to his heart without sharing in the things he loved. So you bought the t-shirts, cleared your weekends for big games, and cheered at his side until you were hoarse. You even painted your face. You invested in the things he loved, and it knit you close as the seam on a pig-skin.

God is inviting you into intimacy with him. He is passionate too–much more passionate than the loudest sports fan on the planet. 

But instead of sports, God’s blood pounds deep and fast for broken people. 

He watches every person’s moments and physically became present when philosophers and Jews alike agreed–Diety becoming man was impossible. He memorizes details about each person, even personal details that don’t have a shred to do with their performance. He adjusted history to become one of the poor, abandoned his stupendous power and glory to rescue the weak and helpless, and his entire concept of what is valuable turns our economic and social structures firmly on their heads.

His heart melts for the mistreated.

He laughs with delight over little ones.

Injustice and oppression make him boil.

syrian refugee
Photo cred: Freedom House

He leans toward the lonely.

Photo cred: Ding Yuin Shan

Giving extravagantly and unexpectedly is his modus operatus.


Know this: the path to intimacy with God is to share in the things He loves. 

His right hand is stretched out to you. In the palm is an engraved invitation to join him in radical love for the unlovable. He invites you to sell the stuff Pinterest tells you to crave so that you can give it away and have real treasure. He beckons you to stand with Him for the oppressed, the forgotten, the weird and the socially awkward.

“I want to know him and the power of his resurrection, becoming like him in his death…”

How can we know Him in his sacrifice if we are unwilling to sacrifice? How can we know Him in His death if we are unwilling to die to ourselves?

It is impossible to love Him without loving them. 

Over the past week, I have written here in this online space about one way that we can join our Savior in his love for the least of these. I have shown you the pictures and profiles of three beautiful children who are poor, small, weak, needing love. Sponsoring one of these children is one way that we can join our Jesus in extravagant giving that dives headlong into loving without counting cost.

The deadline to sponsor these particular children is TODAY, October 1st, 2015!

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