Captured by ISIS {a 31 Days post}

{a 31 Days post}

I watched a story tonight on CNN told by three veiled teenage girls. Their backs were to the camera. They told of rape by multiple men, because the fighters believe that rape will convert women to Islam. One girl’s friend was three months pregnant when she was captured. After the ISIS doctors were finished, she wasn’t anymore.

Fourteen girls tried to swallow rat poison and die rather than continue to be bought, sold, and used. The fighters found them, took them to the hospital, and cleaned their stomachs. They said, “We won’t let you die so easy.”

The three veiled girls were some of the lucky ones who escaped. Hundreds of Yazidi and other Christian women and girls are still sitting–at this very moment–in the power of evil men whose brutality makes them despair of life.

The stories gash my heart and I bleed.

Their pain is painful to behold–but I must. To look away is to do nothing, and if I at least see them, they are seen. I feel that their pain must be acknowledged, dignified by the beholding before they can be held and healed.

If I could send a message to them, I would say don’t give up. You are seen, you are not forgotten. You are prayed for. You are loved. Oh, my sisters, we cry for you! We weep and pray for you and we know that God hears. He was mistreated too, and He will rescue you. He will avenge you. He will heal you and make you whole again. 

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Photo credit: Urban Christian News, (edits mine)

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