Being a one-car family

For three weeks last month, my faithful little car sat inert and unresponsive in the driveway. Inserting the key did absolutely nothing–not a flicker of light or sound.

It was like a car coma.

We tried all the normal stuff–battery checks, tightening of connections and cables, even a battery swap with the running car–but nothing worked.


We were puzzled, but since we have a second car, life went on.

Actually, it went on beautifully. Each morning my sleepy, scruff-faced husband drove me the short distance to work and dropped me off at the front door.

Because I didn’t have to trek the quarter mile from my parking lot to the office, I was able to leave the house ten minutes later. And when I was ready to leave, there he was with curbside service. So luxurious!

I started to look forward to those drives. Ten minutes of connection to bookend the workday. Who knew that living with less would feel like being spoiled?

Of course, getting places took some planning. There were some conversations that went like this:

“Wait, were you going somewhere? I was about to go to the–“
“Oh, ok, well…can you drop me off?”
“Maybe, but I don’t finish my thing until–“
“Ooooo, that won’t work. I’ll call so-and-so. Maybe they can bring me home.”

We have been talking for a while about downsizing to one car. Less gas. Less upkeep. And the thought of slashing our car insurance by 50% makes those Geico commercials look like amateurs.

But my weekend out-of-town plans couldn’t happen without my car, so we finally had her towed. Sixty bucks later, I had wheels again.

During those three weeks, I felt God whisper to my heart: “I am all you need. Reconsider what is ‘essential'” 

I want my life to be oriented toward things that will last, stuff that isn’t stuff, you know?

I want to be distilled,

Even if it means I’ll need a ride. 

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  1. It only took $60 to get it fixed? Nice! Also Greg and I have discussed trying to use one car when we can next year. Especially since we work so close to one another, but we'll see how it goes!

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