Beauty in Smashes

A friend’s car got keyed–on purpose–this week.  Natural reactions that the average human might have in response to this range from annoyed to downright boiling, but my sweet friend just reminded herself that cars are temporary…and then started praying for the angry jerk.  (Not her words–mine.)

I’m not saying that she didn’t have some angry thoughts before she responded so beautifully.  The point is, the response was beautiful.

My own car was hit–accidentally–two weeks ago.  See exhibit A. >>>>>>

The fact that it was an accident made my own calm response far less heroic, but I’m having plenty of chances to continue practicing patience.  Today, for instance, I showed up for my 4pm appointment at the collison repair place, only to be forgotten in the waiting room for an hour.  I hadn’t had lunch (because I forgot it at home this morning), and my stomach was pinching my ribs pretty fiercely while I sat there, craning my neck to watch the Whitney Houston coverage unfold on the TV.  Patience…

When the guy finally came up to me, my hands were starting to shake with low blood-sugar, but he might have just thought I was excitable. He crouched down by the cracked plastic to look, checked my odometer, and 30 seconds later, I was on the road. I waited an hour for you to do 2 minutes of inspection? Arg.

By the time I got some delicious soup in my tummy, I was fine again. But why should acting like Christ depend so firmly on whether I feel hungry or not?

Jesus, help me trust you, even in annoying circumstances.

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