A New Season: “Real World” Edition

After two decades of school, and a lifetime of planning and preparing for adult life, I’m here!  The fabled “real world” at last. *deep breath* 

It’s been a crazy two weeks since beginning my new full time job at the bank. This is partly because I’ve been waking up two full hours before school buses even start roaming the neighborhood, and partly because the first weeks of the fall semester are inherently insane when you do college ministry. A plus B equals no time to do laundry, let alone blog.

Now that I have a moment, here are some first impressions: 
This “real world” is a world of hazy morning drives, herbal tea steaming at my elbow.
It’s a world of pencil skirts, paperwork, procedures and numerical passcodes for every door, computer screen, cabinet and vault.
It’s a world of complex office culture that I’m just beginning to decode, and a world of constant sweet-tooth temptation.

(Did you know that the kolache guy, the donut guy, AND the cheesecake guy all bank with us? Oy vey. The fact that hubby and I just joined a nearby gym is probably the only thing that will keep me in check. More on that later.)

A secondary thought: I really miss studying.

Last week, my “work” consisted of observing the other tellers and poring over the training materials. It was a tantalizing taste of school. After work last Wednesday, I wrote this in my journal and realized afresh that I’m a nerd to the bone:

 “My little heart has warmed over the chance to study again, even if the textbook is the new-associate manual.  I am already making mental connections to the financial procedures at the church, and it’s like going behind the scenes of a familiar movie. Lots of “aha!” moments.”

Of course, all that has ended now that I have my own cash drawer and set of keys. I still have much to learn, but gradually, through mistakes and slow skill building.

My thankfulness swells when I think of the blessings attached to this job. I have work that I can leave at work, a timely and generous paycheck, a commute that barely touches three miles, the hope of friendships just begun. I will simply have to fan my own curious flame, studying for the equipping class at church, reading strategically, intentionally.

For now, we have a fun weekend planned! Resting, visiting family in Dallas, and celebrating my 25th birthday. 🙂

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