2015: Year In Review

The year is 23 days old, the Christmas decorations are finally stashed under the bed again, and the gym is crowded with resolution-keepers. The students are back in town, and a beautiful new journal sits on my desk.

But before I begin feeling like it has always been 2016, I want to pivot on the border and take in the view of 2015, this place where I’ve been walking for twelve months.


It was a year of new pregnancies and new babies (at least 10 among our friends!) One particularly sweet baby girl made my sister a mother, my parents grandparents, and stole all of our hearts. When she turned one last week, Nora made me realize just how fast a year can spin by.

Nora announcement

In a fun twist of chance involving an old letter, my dear friend Macie and I discovered that we’d known each other much longer than we’d thought! 

December 2015 Macie

We paid off my school loans, and my man began serving our church as a deacon. 

For the first time in four years, my husband led the mission to Italy without me while I discovered how powerful behind-the-scenes prayer can be. June 2015 Karis and Mark

In June, my beautiful little sister pledged her heart and love to Mark, and I gained a Filipino brother-in-law whose mad ukulele and vocal skills are a perfect complement to her soprano.


On a whim that sprang from long-term shopping frustration, I tried Stitch Fix…and liked it!


My sisters and I flexed our adulthood muscles and organized a mini vacation to Austin for the whole family that included Hairspray, the musical, a water park, a rental home, and the Bat Bridge. I am a huge believer in weekend getaways and can’t wait to plan the next one! (Hmm, not sure why this didn’t get a blog post!)


In August, I used my blog to advocate for the voiceless for the first time. In one of the most humbling writing experiences of my life, three children waiting for sponsorship through Compassion International were highlighted in the hopes that they–and other waiting kids–would get paired with sponsors. No one that I know of was directly sponsored as a result of my posts, but it’s ok. I’m learning that obedience does not always have measurable results, but that this does not negate its value.


And then, for my 28th birthday, my hubby gave me THIS beautiful online space to call my own!


I kicked off my first month of the new blog space with the most ridiculous challenge: write every day for 31 days. I know, craziness, right? I followed the one-word prompts given by Kate Motaung, the hostess of those fun 5 Minute Friday Parties, and that took off the pressure of coming up with a topic that would last an entire month. I already have some ideas for next October. 🙂

This fall, we gave our apartment a face-lift by painting all the cabinets and trim a bright white, Hubby and I ran our very first 5K, and we ate more tortilla chips than I care to admit.

I’ve been learning that thankfulness is both a refuge and a weapon, and that a drenching deluge of change and stress is sometimes the best circumstance to help me remember that my refuge is Christ.

I’m also learning that storms are only for a season, and that life is a lot like a temp job. Parts of 2015 felt like an eternity, but now they’re only smudged notes on a wall calendar that I’m about to throw out.

2015, you were wonderful.

2016, welcome.

Photo credit for title goes to OutOfwave, edits mine. 

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